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Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

My two grandsons, ages 4 and 6, just love their My Little Weatherbuddy’s.  My son and daughter-in-law think it's great because it helps the boys with how they should dress and minimizes the struggle on what they should wear. Best investment we've made for the boys! Rich and Penny (Grandparents)


We love My Little Weatherbuddy! It is great and my son just loves it! Everyday my son wants to run over to the window in his room to see how cold it is outside and what he thinks he should wear. We have really enjoyed it. Thank you, Katie (Mom)

My grandchildren (the little girl is already a weather junkie) love the independence My Little Weatherbuddy gives them.  No more checking with Mommy to make a good decision! Thanks. S L (Grandma)

The kids love it!  They no longer go outside without checking to see how he's dressed.  I've even gotten my 21 year old son to dress for cold Wisconsin weather too. When I first put it in the window all my parents were asking, who is this Weatherbuddy?. It has really helped my daycare. Thank you. Michael and Vicki (Mom and Dad)


My 7 year old daughter checks her My Little Weatherbuddy every day.  What a great idea! MaryJane   (Mom)


Love it!!  It is really such a good idea to help with dressing the kids in the morning. Steven (Dad)

My Grandson loves it he checks it every day. At night he goes and gets a flashlight to see if he is bundled up! Thanks !!! Craig  (Grandpa)


I am a Preschool teacher and My Little Weatherbuddy helps us each day when we discuss the weather.  We enjoy looking at the different outfits he wears for the weather. I will be purchasing the ‘weatherbuddy’ for the other classrooms. We love the weatherbuddy and have told parents and other teachers about him.Donna (Teacher)


My first purchase was for my Grandson.... Then, after seeing how well My Buddy worked, I purchased one for the doors to the playground in the school where I teach. Kids are constantly trying to go outside without the proper clothing.   Thanks so much, Cathy (Grandma)


My Little Weatherbuddy is a big hit with my nephews. They take the ‘weatherbuddy's’ recommendation of 'what to wear' over what mom suggests! So far, no struggle to get them to put on their mittens and hats! Thanks so much for a great product. I am considering purchasing one for my own 17 year old son. I am still telling him to grab a sweater as he runs out the door. The boy can be extra considerate ( he always fills my gas

tank after using my car) yet fails to remember that it is 'cold outside'! Oh well, a mother's job is never done! Thanks again for a great product. I have been recommending it to my work buddies. Much success !  Char  (Mom)


My son loves his My Little Weatherbuddy.  I was having trouble getting him out of short sleeve shirts.  Now each morning he checks his weather buddy to see what he has to wear. Marisa (Mom)


The kids love running to the window to know the temp.outside. They love it! Tom  (Dad)


I had My Little Weatherbuddy shipped to my 5 year old granddaughter.  My daughter says she loves it.  She looks at it every morning to see how she should dress for the day.  I have recommended it to all my friends as well...Aggie (Grandma)


Our 6 year old daughter checks it every morning to see what the temperature is...wish we had it 2 years ago when every winter day was a struggle!  Thanks.  We told some friends who hopefully order for their kids! Paul, Denise & Victoria (Mom and Dad)

We love it! Now there is no question of what my son should war outside. It has saved us from a slue of arguments! THANK YOU! Mommy of JJ


It is absolutely ingenious. Exactly what we needed to end the morning arguments over jackets. Thank you!Courtney (Mom)

Our Little Weatherbuddy is working well.  Our 2 ½ year old looks at him every morning. Keith (dad)


I bought one for my 7.5 year-old son Jaron and one for my 4 year-old daughter Lucy. This was really for Lucy since she likes to wear sun dresses in the winter. I hoped the visual would help her dress more appropriately. I bought one for my son because I knew if Lucy got one then he would need one too. Jaron doesn't really use his much, but Lucy LOVES it.  She immediately named her Sandy and checks in with her several times a day. She consults Sandy in the morning when picking out her clothes for the day and has successfully chosen weather appropriate clothing ever since Sandy has come into her life. The Weatherbuddy has been a HUGE success!Sincerely, Laura (mom)


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