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Kathy McGuire


Inventor - My Little Weatherbuddy™


Email: Kathy@rpm-toys.com


RPM-TOYS, Located in Downers Grove IL, has been in business for eight years starting with the invention of My Little Weatherbuddy™. The idea of My Little Weatherbuddy™ came while raising my two small children. Previously a Materials Engineer in the electronics industry I was used to leading large teams on what to do on a daily basis, but as a mom I felt helpless when I could not even get my 4 year old to get dressed correctly and out the door on time without tears. I tried everything and I felt powerless.

When I put my Engineering hat back on to brainstorm solutions, I focused my attention on the root cause of the problem... my kids did not understand what the numbers on a regular thermometer meant. They wanted to be independent, but would not be able to comprehend thermometer number scale fully until they were about ten years old and in the 4th grade. I realized this was unacceptable and I decided a colorful pictorial thermometer visual aid was the best solution. I wanted the thermometer to be magical and fun so the kids would be excited to run to see what it looked like and be self motivated to get dressed. I wanted it to be easy enough so that kids as young as 2 years old could use it and tell their parents what to wear. Most importantly I wanted it to be big enough to be seen from across the room as we headed out the door so we would all be prepared as I don’t like being cold either!


When using My Little Weatherbuddy™, kids are self motivated to figure out what to wear. They are so proud they can tell you what to wear every day and they will quickly want to learn how to dress all by themselves which is an important skill they will do daily for the rest of their life. My Little Weatherbuddy™ turns a difficult and sometimes negative experience into a positive learning experience. Instead of a power struggle, My Little Weatherbuddy™ shows them what to wear instead of you, saving you stress, saving the morning and sometimes saving the entire day!


Here at RPM TOYS we define our success by helping kids and parents in the most difficult time of the day- the morning.  At the start of the day we know time is valuable and tempers are at their worst. This all ads up to create the perfect storm: the power struggle over what to wear. This all seems to melt away with My Little Weatherbuddy™, and we are proud to offer this as a novel solution to this familiar family problem.


After eight years and many stories of success, (see customer testimonials) RPM TOYS even more committed to helping kids achieve dressing independence and proud to further this goal by adding other key products that help with basic daily living skills by Melissa and Doug.

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