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My Little Weatherbuddy™ (Product Info.)

My Little Weatherbuddy BOY & GIRL Packaging

My Little Weatherbuddy is a pictorial thermometer that sticks to the outside of a window. As the temperature changes, clothes appear and disappear layer by layer showing what to wear. Great for kids 2 and up. Click here to see a VIDEO of how it works!


  • Shows what to wear
  • Reduces Morning Arguments
  • Makes Dressing Fun and Easy

-Product dimensions 5"x7"

-Sticks to outside of window (repositionable)

-Comes in Boy or Girl design

-Clothes magically appear and disapper as the temperature changes

-13 layer composite containing 5 layers of color changing thermochromic ink

-Each layer of ink is set to a different activation temperature 


See below to view My Little Weatherbuddy BOY & GIRL as they change

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